Mission Statement

Children’s Hope Fund is dedicated to working with others to promote the education and well-being of impoverished children by providing school supplies, nutritious meals, clothing, and more. By doing this, we can break the cycle of poverty that plagues the poorest children in the Philippines.


Children’s Hope Fund envisions a future whereby every child receives equal access to the tools they need to improve their own life and their surrounding environment. In concert with others, we will ensure that these children graduate from school as healthy, driven adults with the desire to affect even greater social change.


Children’s Hope Fund wants to meaningfully improve the lives of disadvantaged children by creating access to education, nutrition and health, and other basic necessities. We will accomplish this by:

  • Enrolling every child in school, between kindergarten and sixth grade, who otherwise could not afford to attend
  • Providing every child with the educational necessities they need, including a backpack, paper, pencils, textbooks, tuition assistance, a uniform, tutors, access to libraries, and more
  • Supplying teachers with the basic equipment they need, including blackboards, chalk and erasers, visual aids, and more
  • Affording access to malnutrition screenings, feeding programs, supplements, doctors, dentists, vaccines, medication, and more
  • Growing the organization so that we can provide similar opportunities for more children in other neighborhoods


Children’s Hope Fund will achieve our goals by initially concentrating our efforts in one neighborhood in order to have the most impact; as the organization grows, we will branch out to other areas. The first neighborhood is the slum of Bacoor. In order to have the greatest influence and grow intelligently, we:

  • Partner with interested organizations to host quarterly fundraising events and facilitate ongoing supply drives
  • Utilize social media to bring awareness to our organization with minimal financial output: website, Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Conduct monthly, and one annual, Board meetings
  • Use collected funds to:
    • Organize an annual school enrollment and supply drop ($20 per year enables one child to enroll and have access to supplies and a uniform)
    • Provide monthly feedings while school is in session (currently one meal per month on a class rotation; our intention is to evolve to daily feedings)

Children’s Hope Fund
P.O. Box 13362
Denver, CO 80201
Children’s Hope Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and donations are tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.