Rhezy DavisMy name is Rhezy Davis, and I know the horrors of growing up in poverty and struggling from day to day just to eat. Imagine living without plumbing, electricity, food, clean water, clothing and shelter. Basic necessities that we take for granted in the United States are luxuries not easily afforded. There is not much opportunity in the slums. Children often wind up as pick pockets, drug addicts or as child prostitutes. The only way out is to gain an education, but staying in school is tough as affording basic school supplies and text books is difficult.

My story is not unique to people from the Philippines. I grew up in Cavite, a Filipino slum. Growing up was very hard. You can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to go without the most basic of needs. Thinking about it brings back painful memories of growing up in Cavite where the slums stretch for miles. I was fortunate though, I was able to stay in school which gave me a path out of poverty and eventually led me here to the States were I have thrived.

My mission is to help the children of my homeland overcome poverty, and have started this organization, Children’s Hope Fund, to work toward that goal by providing food and school supplies to the children of the town I grew up in. You can you make a difference by offering a small donation to help me help these children. With your generosity we can provide school supplies, food and basic necessities for these kids so that they have a fighting chance at getting out of the slum. Please help me by supporting my cause and give hope to the children who aspire to improve their lives.