Every day, millions of children struggle to survive in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances. You can’t help them all, but you can give the gift of a brighter future to one child in need.

Impoverished children of Bacoor are in desperate need of help. Right now, none of them are being reached. They’re barely surviving. For these children it means struggling with poverty in the immediate present, and the loss of prospects for the future: children are dropping out of school. They are begging at a very young age. They don’t have the opportunity to fully develop themselves. They are exposed to risks which are larger than the risks of children who might be in school, who might have a more normal life. There’s a whole generation of children whose basic needs are not being met, but also who cannot be as functional in society as one might desire. But there is hope, you can join me in reaching a goal of making the world a better place by helping these children grow into responsible, healthy, educated and self-reliant adults. Please help me raise funds for school supplies, used books, used clothing, shoes, toys, and medicine to send to these children.