This past Friday night I attended a fundraising event that a friend of mine hosted, a “movie under the stars” night, it was a great idea. Sadly we didn’t get as many people as we hoped for, but it gave me a wonderful opportunity to meet and chat with some amazing individuals and generate awareness of the cause. For those who attended I am so grateful for making me feel welcome and for embracing this cause. What we’re doing is really important, it will change lives and societies. You have every reason to be proud of the part you play in bringing about a more just, fair and compassionate world. As the time approaches for my flight to Manila on October 31st, I am grateful for the help of many good people such as you, we will give hope of a better life to street and other impoverished children, ones who have so little chance due to no fault of their own. This project’s efforts are focused on providing nutritious food, school supplies and basic necessities to the children of Cavite. This will make an immediate difference, especially for those who are malnourished. We seek to address the plight of street children and those who are victims of extreme poverty. These at-risk children often go unnoticed except by those who use them for economic gain or exploitation. An estimated 150 million worldwide, according to UNICEF, due to adverse circumstances spend much of their childhood on the streets, vending or begging, and are vulnerable to all kinds of abuse.

I am excited to show them that someone, somewhere cares enough about them to help them in their time of need – this is something that these children will not forget.