I am feeling overwhelmed, scared that I am going to fail and it’s just not failing.  It’s failing in something that I put my
heart and soul into, failing people who matter to me (the children of Cavite).  I’m grateful I am not alone, for I have friends that really believe in this cause and in me.  They offered their help with eagerness, high hopes and I am determined to find more supporters.  There are lots of scams out there, so if you have any doubts about my outreach project I understand.  If you have concerns about not being able to deduct your donations since we’re not a non profit organization as of yet I understand. You can support the following organizations instead www.UNICEF.com, www.actionforchildren.org, www.edukidz.org, www.feedmhc.org, www.globalactionforchildren.org or any other organization you see fit.  The world is full of opportunities, some people enjoy an overabundance of them while others struggle, and I just want to help those without.

Despite everything fate has thrown at me, life is short and I’d want to do something useful.  I am determined to do amazing things with the rest of my life.