As we passed out the backpacks at Bacoor Elementary School the children’s faces lit up with excitement. They said it was the first time that they had ever received any help like this. Some teachers cried, saying that this gave them hope for the children’s future and theirs. The children were very eager to see us. They’re very excited about the backpacks they all received. Each one had 5 notebooks, 2 pencils, 2 erasers, notepads, crayons in them, and the teachers received a huge box of chalk enough to last the rest of the school year. All of these items had been requested by the faculty and staff for their students.

Looking around the classroom I noticed a few kids looked quite mature for the 1st grade. After speaking with the teacher I was informed that these children cannot afford school supplies to attend school one kid is 12 years old he wanted to attend school so bad so he sells goods in the morning so he can afford school supplies before attending first grade.

My vision is to help create schools where a poor family doesn’t have to provide their own educational materials (their earnings are barely enough to buy food), and over the next fifteen years alter the culture so that education and a better life is a certainty for those who are willing to work for it. Give these children a future, a sense of pride and dignity. So they don’t have it so hard.

I am very grateful for everyone who supported this project, your help made a huge impact in the lives of these children. I was able to provide meals, school supplies, candy treats, medicine, rice and canned goods to those who needed it the most. Without your help, none of it would have been possible. Thank you.