The need for support for education in the Philippines is great as currently only one in five children in the 3-5 years old age group have access to preschool education and social activities.  It is often said that the kind of society one lives in is mirrored in the lives of it’s children.  Picture the following:

There are approximately 32 million children below the age of 18 in the Philippines, making up 45 percent of the total population.  Sixty percent of these children drop out of school when they reach the second grade because their family earnings are barely enough to buy food and basic necessities we use daily.  Only 19 percent of children aged 4-6 years old are able to go to public and private preschools.

The numbers are growing each day.  These clearly depict the immense hardship which Filipino children are subjected to.  With your help, I hope to help provide the most basic needs like food, education, and nurturing to these children.  For now, I know I can’t save the world, but with your help we can change at least one child’s life forever.