Woke up this morning at 430am with so much excitement. I am really on my way. As I boarded my short flight to Los Angeles. It made me think about a question that someone asked me a while back. Why am I doing this when there’s so much going on here in the United States? My answer is even the poorest of the people in American are better off than the poverty-stricken in third world countries. It’s hell on Earth and there’s no help. There’s no community, neighbors, government or church to help. Every day these children wake up to yet another day of hunger, pain and general torture. My goal is to help them, and find ways to give them the head start needed to make something of their lives. They have to believe that they are destined for excellence, that things can change for the better and that they have the ability to control their future.

I am so overwhelmed by the support and love I have received from everyone. I am very grateful. I am so honored to share this journey with you.